Green Chiles

  • Grown in the high desert region of New Mexico, the heart of chile country
  • Good wall thickness and firm texture
  • Natural chile flavor
  • Nearly all of the green chile we process is grown in New Mexico, near our processing facility
  • Our chiles have a scoville range of 0-300, placing them in the mild category
  • A strong, woody stem necessitates hand picking of the crop
  • Typical production is July-October


  • Nearly all of the jalapeños that we process are grown in Mexico
  • The heat level of the jalapeños is rated from fields to the finished product giving your customer a consistent level of heat for every recipe
  • We have dedicated growers in the growing southwest allowing flexibility and dependability of supply
  • Our extensive product line includes jalapeños with all levels of pungency including no-heat varieties
  • We are organic certified
  • We can provide green and red jalapeños
  • Typical production is May-December


  • A fruit native to Mexico that looks like a small green tomato but comes from the Gooseberry family
  • It grows inside a thin, paper-like husk to maturity, which may range from a pale green to a bright green skin color with a crisp yellow flesh
  • Lemony-herb flavor and are used like a vegetable in a variety of Mexican dishes and sauces
  • Tomatillos are used in Mexican foods to provide green coloration and sweet taste
  • Tomatillos are naturally quite acidic
  • We often see tomatillos combined with jalapeños to form the extremely satisfying taste combination of hot and sweet
  • Typical production is November-April


  • Red jalapeño that has been smoked, dried, and then rehydrated and placed in rich adobo sauce
  • Very popular flavor that can be used to create many unique and zesty meals
  • Works well with chicken, meat, rice, sauces, soups…just about anything
  • Typical production is November-June

Heat Chart

Scoville Heat Chart
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